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Gwen Beauchamp

I am hyped up and ready to start entering every sweepstakes I can find! I just got my sweepstakes battery recharged at the 23rd Annual National Convention in Atlanta, GA last weekend. Over 650 sweepers from the U.S. and a few from Canada spent 3-4 days together at the downtown Atlanta Sheraton Hotel. It was an incredible weekend of fun, friends, sweeping information and prizes. I know that some sweepers go just to win prizes, but for me the convention is about the people I meet. I thoroughly enjoy talking to other sweepers and hearing their stories of how they got started, what they have won and what they are working on. The time in-between convention sessions spent visiting with friends is like the MasterCard commercial says...PRICELESS!

We heard from a representative of RoboForm Form Filling software, Patti Osterheld, editor of Sweepsheet, told us about Sweepstakes trends, Steve D'Adolf talked about a new software program, a JA representative told us what he would like for sweepers to say/do when they receive that winning phone call and Walt Arnett spoke on entering Video Contests. Of all the speakers we heard, this one made the biggest impression on me. Walt is a young man who knows all the ins and outs of video contests and he has won both a car and $100,000 cash from them along with other smaller prizes. I have asked Walt to do a guest blog on SweepsU.com and he is working on it now. Stay tuned for that one in the near future!

The only thing I do not like about the conventions is that they are over so quickly. Tanya, Karen and Dave Biron did a wonderful job putting this one together for us. I am so thankful that they were willing to put in all the work that made it possible. But now it's time to start looking forward to the 2013 Annual National Sweepstakes Convention hosted by Robyn Needham and her club members from Salt Lake City, UT. The convention dates are June 26-30, 2013 at the Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel. The website is now up and running, so just click here to read about the plans for the 24th National Sweepstakes Convention. I hope that all of you have the opportunity to attend at least one of these conventions. Then you will understand why I am so psyched to enter and win!

Gwen Beauchamp

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Walt's Blog Post
Pat Hoffmeister
Can't wait to read Walt's blog. I have enjoyed viewing and voting on his videos.
Pat Hoffmeister , August 26, 2012

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